U-One US-310

The Sonnet represents a lot of research in guitar design. Inspired by the classics, the Sonnet shape was tuned to perfection.

We gave particular attention to its vibrating areas and to the amount of woods or “mass” that was put in critical areas such as the bridge or the headstock, thus creating a better balance in tone while enhancing its vintage-flavored character.

The US-310 is loaded with professional features such as Gotoh Tuners, Bone Nut, Sanko Frets, CH Design Alnico Pickups.

琴  型:ST

指  板:玫瑰木

琴  颈:枫木

品  数:22 品

琴  身:北美赤杨

接  柄:螺丝接柄

护  板:透明黑

弦  钮:压铸式 GQ004


旋  钮:1V1T,5Way,镶贝

外  观:亮光工艺

颜  色:透明红,透明蓝,透明黑

Price USD 989.00