U-One UT-100+

The UT-Wave is a tribute to the creators of the magical tones and grooves which set the base for today’s popular music.

Following the “Tone-Influent” Shape concept, the UT-Wave was designed to cross the boundaries of today’s typical 2 pickup guitars.

The UT-100+ will enable you to make your own choice of body finish and looks.

琴  型:TL

指  板:玫瑰木

琴  颈:枫木

品  数:22品

琴  身:白蜡木

接  柄:螺丝接柄

护  板:玫瑰木

弦  钮:压铸式GQ004


旋  钮:1V1T,3Way

外  观:亮光工艺/哑光工艺

颜  色:NA(本色),TBKM(透明黑哑光)

Price USD 438.00