Magneto® U-One guitars have been created to offer great ergonomics, quality and tone for the budget minded guitar player.

By creating instruments with a slightly different balance in weight and volume, the Magneto® U-One instruments will deliver a more complexe and solid midrange focussed tone. Another great aspect is that the instruments are going to be lighter in weight when compared to other makes.

At Magneto® guitars, we always want to keep the musician and his music as our main focus when creating instruments. We believe that a well crafted instrument will inspire the musician and will take him to another level.

The TEAM behind the Magneto® U-One guitars is built on a long and solid relationship that goes back over 10 years. Our goal is to combine european design with chinese high tech manufaturing.

Trust, confidence and love for our craft is and will always be our main motivation.

Music is a gift, we provide the path to your inspiration!